#50: Building Your Sales Team with Sean McDonald

Is it better to work with Realtors or internal sales staff? How much should you pay? How can you build a high performing sales team? We have your answer.

Today’s guest is Sean McDonald, a seasoned building executive with more than 30 years experience. He has built countless sales teams and most recently ran the San Antonio division of Gehan Homes. Sean is currently working on several startup ventures in the home building space, including Land on Earth.

Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

[2:43] – The pros and cons of Realtors vs. internal sales team.

[9:25] – Sean’s preferred comp structures.

[15:02] – The specific role of the sales person in the life cycle of the customer.

[18:15] – Comp differences between a spec home vs true custom.

[22:30] – The biggest traps to fall into when building a sales team.

[25:20] – The common qualities of high-performing sales teams.