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#51: Accounting Ask Me Anything With Sheri Allshouse

We are covering our listener accounting and tax questions in today’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode with Sheri Allshouse. Sheri,…

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#50: Building Your Sales Team with Sean McDonald

Is it better to work with Realtors or internal sales staff? How much should you pay? How can you build…

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#49: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market with Carol Morgan

Ever wonder what you can do to build your brand and better stand out as a builder? Our guest, Carol…

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#48: An Intro to ROCKWOOL Insulation

ROCKWOOL insulation is picking up steam as a go-to insulation in many parts of the country. With it’s thermal performance,…

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Latest Articles

5 Torpedoes That Sink Builders

Murphy’s Law was probably written by a home builder. Yet, clients expect a good project that is on time and…

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Four Client Policies for Smoother Builds

I had a call yesterday with a builder buddy of mine who has a project going sideways with a client.…

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5 Rules for Better “Ballpark Prices”

Sometimes the things that go without saying are what most need saying, lest we forget them. We all know the…

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Making More $ with 4 Profit Levers

When it’s time to tune up our net profits (always), there are plenty of ways to do it. Here is…

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