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Latest Episodes

#61: Matt Risinger and the Business of Building

Matt Risinger is, in many circles, now a household name. His YouTube channel has 700,000 at the time of publication.…

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#60: The Apps I Use in my Company

Jared walks you through the apps and other virtual tools he uses to build and manage his business. Enjoy!

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#59: A Powerful Punch List System

Bryan Kaplan is an international consultant for builders and the construction industry. Over his 21-year career in the industry, he…

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#58: A Builder’s Path to Financial Freedom with David Gerstel

David Gerstel returns to share his ideas on how builders can achieve financial freedom. David is a best-selling author of…

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Latest Articles

Some ACTIONABLE Ideas to Protect Your Business

My builder friends, I know y’all are getting a lot of stuff about Coronavirus…emails, ideas, tips, and the like. This one’s…

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21 Business Lessons from the Building Trenches

This is a guest post from my friend Justin Self, a guy I’ve known in this business for some time.…

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5 Torpedoes That Sink Builders

Murphy’s Law was probably written by a home builder. Yet, clients expect a good project that is on time and…

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Four Client Policies for Smoother Builds

I had a call yesterday with a builder buddy of mine who has a project going sideways with a client.…

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