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#38: How to Justify Your Fee to Clients

Who hasn’t had a client try to negotiate their fee down? Spend a short amount of time in this…

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#37: Tips for Stronger Contractor Relationships with Adam Conley

Adam Conley understands the dynamic between builders and contractors in a hot market. He wrote a post on social…

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#36: Talking Bad Advice and the Economy with Shawn Van Dyke

Welcome to a mini-episode, the final of three with business coach and construction consultant, Shawn Van Dyke. Shawn is…

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Making More $ with 4 Profit Levers

When it’s time to tune up our net profits (always), there are plenty of ways to do it. Here…

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Happy Client Hack: No Soup For You

In a sense, there are two parts to a scope of work. There’s the first part, which are the…

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Happy Client Hack: Zero Cost Change Orders

Spoiler alert: You shouldn’t be offering change orders for free, at least not as a standard practice. We’re professionals,…

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