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#77: 12 Crucial Client Conversations for A Successful Build

The success of every project is built upon meeting, or better, exceeding expectations. So it stands to reason that one…

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#76: How to Prioritize, Create Big Wins, and Free up Your Time

Most builders I know are overworked and underpaid. Today’s short episode covers a framework I like to use called The…

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#75: Four Client Red Flags to Avoid

Working with a difficult or exhausting client can make life miserable and put your company in danger. After working with…

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#74: Builder Kyle Diamond on BuilderTrend, Pre-Con Systems, and More

Kyle Diamond is partner of New Dimension Construction, in Millbrook, New York. The family-owned business has operated for more than 30 years…

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8 Tips to Combat Soaring Costs

Twelve years building and this is the most inflation I’ve ever seen in our construction costs. At the writing of…

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Value Buckets for Better Deal Structuring

   “The wise man knows exactly what value should be put upon everything.” — Seneca       Over my 15…

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Some ACTIONABLE Ideas to Protect Your Business

My builder friends, I know y’all are getting a lot of stuff about Coronavirus…emails, ideas, tips, and the like. This one’s…

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21 Business Lessons from the Building Trenches

This is a guest post from my friend Justin Self, a guy I’ve known in this business for some time.…

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