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#25: Going Viral on Social Media with Bob Clarizio

Bob Clarizio, founder of Bantam Built Tiny Homes, has built a substantial audience across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Bob…

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#24: Building More Affordably with Fernando Pagés

Fernando Pagés Ruiz is a builder, developer, and author of the popular book, Building an Affordable House. He has…

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#23: The Right Way to do Customer Deposits

Many people get this deceptively simple practice wrong, but it’s an easy fix. In this episode, Jared reads a…

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Find and Profit From Your Brand DNA

Quality. Service. Value. Experience. It seems like almost every builder advertises some form of these things, doesn’t it? So,…

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A Better Way to Build

This is an article written by Ed Earl, the Zen Builder. Ed was our guest for one of our…

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The Right Way to do Customer Deposits

How many of you are taking customer deposits? If you aren’t, let’s start there…because you should be. You should…

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