#45: New Homes or Remodels? What Makes More?

Speaker, author, and owner of remodelforce.com, David Lupberger, joins us to discuss the different margins in new homes vs remodels as well as the benefits of developing architects as a primary referral source.

This is the first of a three part series with David. We will also be featuring interviews with him over creating clients for life and selling your why. Be sure to check out David’s site, remodelforce.com to learn more about his suite of products to help you in your business.

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Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

[1:50] What are the differences in skill sets needed between a new home builder and a remodeler.

[5:10] The difference in profit margins between the two.

[8:45] Dis-economies of scale on small jobs.

[12:15] Growing your business with architects.