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#65: Arguments for Cost-Plus

Ed Earl and Paul Sanneman, both previous guests, share the reasons why they like cost-plus contracts. As a fixed-price builder myself, I wanted to get the perspective from the other side of the aisle. If you want to learn more about Paul and Ed’s work, visit Enjoy the episode!

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#64: Digital marketing tips with Spencer Powell

Most builders would get an F on our digital marketing, but it’s an area that can exponentially grow your business if you develop the right strategy. I’m visiting with Spencer Powell, a digital marketing expert who specializes in builders and contractors, to share a few ideas of how to get started or get better. Spencer…

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#63: Lessons from a Passive Home Build

What are some of the top systems you can install in your project to move it closer to a passive house? Trey Farmer has a few answers for us. In this episode we are exploring Trey’s personal home he just built as a case study of what worked great and what he would do differently…

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