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#94: Trey Farmer on Passive, Healthy, Grid-Resilient Homes

Apr 25, 2023 

Trey Farmer is an architect with Forge Craft Architecturehere in Austin. We interviewed him previously on#63: Lessons From a Passive House Build. Today we revisit some of those passive home principles and also discuss some of his beliefs for building healthier, more grid-resilient homes.

#93: Lower Carbon Building and Social Equity Through Co-Ops with Jacob Deva Racusin

Mar 20, 2023 

It's hard to spend a few minutes chatting with Jacob Deva Racusin without leaving inspired. He is the Director of Building Science and Sustainability for New Frameworks, an innovative, socially inclusive design/build firm in Vermont. He also serves as an Embodied Carbon Analyst and BEAM Trainer with Builders for Climate Action.

#92: Dan Kolbert, High-Performance Builder and Sustainability Advocate

Feb 12, 2023 

In this conversation we sit down with Dan Kolbert, co-author of Pretty Good House, and owner of Kolbert Building in Portland, Maine, to discuss high performance homes, the next evolution in building, and Dan's advice in today's economy.


By Builders For Builders

I am Owner and President of Gossett & Co, an employee-owned luxury home building company in Austin. We build spec and custom homes from $3 to $8 million.
I believe in combining innovation with time-tested principles, and am working to advance the industry in several key areas, especially with health and wellness in the homes we build.

I started building and remodeling homes on my own in 2009, and later formed a partnership to start Gossett Jones Homes, a company that focused primarily on building 'spec' homes and small multi-unit communities in urban Austin.

We achieved early success, earning a spot on the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2014 and winning Austin Business Journal's Builder of the Year in 2012 and again in 2022.

Prior to that, I worked in investment banking and real estate private equity, developing a strong base of knowledge around structuring deals and investments and raising capital for projects. I’m also a CFA charter holder.

Jared Gossett

Austin, TX

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I’m offering for sale many of the documents that helped me quadruple my revenue, more than 10x my profitability, and become Austin’s Custom Home Builder of the Year.Proceeds from these sales go directly to support young entrepreneurs in Latin America who are transforming their communities for the better. We are doing this through a non-profit I founded, Exponencialistas, which trains and invests in these high-potential entrepreneurs. So, level up your own business and help another entrepreneur while your’e at it.