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#10: David Wright on Resolving Conflict, Winning More Clients, and Building Influence

David Wright is an expert in conflict resolution, salesmanship, and building influence. He is the CEO of Dale Carnegie of Austin and Houston. Dale Carnegie one of the world’s preeminent sales and relationship building programs with offices in more than 93 countries. David has more than 30 years experience in the business. He was the youngest-ever certified trainer in the organization and he has racked up an impressive clientele list, including Dell among many others. We hit on three primary topics during the conversation with David: (1) how to resolve conflict more effectively, (2) how to improve your sales, and (3) building influence to win others over to your ideas.

Show Notes:

[3:00] – What is the Dale Carnegie method all about and Jared’s story with Dale Carnegie.
[6:20] – David’s story into Dale Carnegie.
[9:38] – Carnegie’s approach to conflict resolution.
[12:00] – Diffusing conflict by taking ownership of mistakes.
[15:20] – Biggest mistakes people make in trying to resolve conflict.
[16:50] – Biggest sales mistakes.
[21:30] – Selling in the unique dynamic of the construction industry.
[24:00] – Principles behind building influence.
[28:50] – How to master these skills.

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