#52: Common Lawsuits and How to Avoid Them with Don Shelton

While we love this business, it has its ugly sides. There’s no “disputing” the legal dangers of home building (dad joke). Large sums of money are in play, the largest investments of people’s lives are unfolding, you get the idea…

So, if this were school, this subject would be pretty damned important to ace. That’s why today we are talking to Don Shelton about the major risks he regularly sees and how to improve the grades on your legal report card. Don, in addition to being one of the top home building attorneys in Texas, is a partner at one of the top home building firms in the state…Bush Rudnicki Shelton. They have multiple offices across the state. Don is out of Dallas-Fort Worth.

We interviewed James Rudnicki, one of his partners, a while back here. Their firm consults for industry giants you all know. They literally wrote the contract the Texas Association of Builders uses as its standard form.

So, Don’s the professor for the day, and on a subject you don’t want to sleep through.

And last but not least, a special thanks to Treacy Duerfeldt of NWC Alliance and Doug Lynch, my insurance pros and today’s sponsors!

Show Notes:

3:06 – What is the biggest source of lawsuits for builders?

15:47 – What can builders do to protect themselves?

18:30 – The best strategies to deal with contentious situations.

28:56 – Is it common for plaintiffs to pierce the corporate veil?

35:25- What are the best legal strategies should a builder employee?