#51: Accounting Ask Me Anything With Sheri Allshouse

We are covering our listener accounting and tax questions in today’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode with Sheri Allshouse. Sheri, a repeat guest, is a CPA with an expertise in home building and construction.

Her firm is The Allshouse Group in Houston, Texas. In this discussion, we cover a wide variety of accounting and tax topics, from accounting software and tracking change orders to new tax updates.

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Show Notes:

03:15 – What software do you recommend?

12:50 – What’s the best way to process changes orders through your accounting system?

16:30 – What is the best way to track expenses that don’t have PO’s like runs to Home Depot?

21:40 – Tax updates affecting us for 2019 filings.

25:50 – What are the energy tax credits available to builders?

30:20 – Any last advice Sheri has for us.