#42: Up Your Building Science Game with Christine Williamson

Christine Williamson is one of the top minds in the field of building science. She travels the continent consulting for architects and developers and also forensically investigating building failures.

A few of her projects include the restoration of Belvedere Castle in New York City’s Central Park, forensic investigations of building failures at the air traffic control tower of LAX and the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado. Not a bad place to get called out to.

And of course, her other project you may know her for is her Instagram account, @buildingsciencefightclub, where she takes her wealth of knowledge and distills it into actionable, insightful lessons that just about anyone can understand.

This is also the second part of our series featuring women leaders in the industry. I’m excited to have Christine on the show. I’ve wanted to visit with her for a while. I hope you all enjoy the episode.

By the way, let us know by the way what you’re enjoying, what you want to hear more of. Drop us a line at hello@buildingoptimal.com, or send us a message on Instagram.


Show Notes

[2:20] – Christine’s story and rise in the business of building science.

[8:40] – Story behind @buildingsciencefightclub

[9:50] – Is the building industry broken? What’s the fix?

[18:30] – Have we outpaced ourselves with some of our new building innovations?

[22:25] – How does a builder up their building science game?

[27:30] – The nuances of following manufacturer instructions.

[30:30] – Christine’s advice on low hanging fruit to improve the performance of your builds.

[34:00] – Where to find Christine online.