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#37: Tips for Stronger Contractor Relationships with Adam Conley

Adam Conley understands the dynamic between builders and contractors in a hot market. He wrote a post on social media that originally caught my attention and spurred our conversation. We talk about his views on building stronger builder/trade partner relationships, even covering a few specific recommendations.

Adam is the President of Glass Expanse, a company that manufactures and sells directly to builders innovative, architectural glass door systems for luxury homes. You can also follow them on Instagram at @glassexpanse.


Show Notes

[1:50] – Adam’s quote on the relationship dynamics between builders and contractors that are unfolding in this market.

[6:10] – Adam’s advice on building better relationships with their contractors.

[15:30] – Any mistakes builders make that poison the unknowingly poison the relationship?

[22:55] – Adam’s take on the industry.

[27:50] – Adam’s story and business at Glass Expanse.