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#36: Talking Bad Advice and the Economy with Shawn Van Dyke

Welcome to a mini-episode, the final of three with business coach and construction consultant, Shawn Van Dyke. Shawn is a national speaker and author of Profit First for Contractors, available on Amazon.

We covered ‘Attracting Talent’ and ‘Getting Paid for Pre-Con’ in our first two episodes. This time, we cover a few random topics from common bad advice he hears to preparing for the next recession.

You can find Shawn and his menu of offerings at, and also on social media, @shawnvandyke.


Show Notes:

[1:00] – The worst advice Shawn hears.

[3:25] – What Shawn preaches that he doesn’t hear anyone else preaching.

[6:40] – Shawn’s advice for weathering a downturn.