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#35: Getting Paid for Pre-Con Work with Shawn Van Dyke

Welcome to the second of three episodes with business coach and construction consultant, Shawn Van Dyke. Shawn is a national speaker and author of Profit First for Contractors, available on Amazon.

In this episode Shawn outlines plan to help you get paid for your pre-con work. If you’re not doing it already, this is worth a listen! And if you are, well Shawn may have a few ways to enhance your program. Stay tuned for our third installment with Shawn coming next. It’s a good one.

You can find Shawn and his menu of offerings at, and also on social media, @shawnvandyke.

Show Notes:

[1:20] – Why do we need to get paid for pre-construction work?

[4:30] – The difference between an up-front estimate and professional services.

[7:40] – How do you sell the client on paying you to perform the pre-con work?

[14:45] – What are the specifics that should be included or excluded in a pre-con


[20:40] – The trap of offering ballpark pricing.

[29:10] – A major cause of litigation.

[30:00] – A few more specifics to include in your pre-con agreement.