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#34: Attracting Top Talent with Shawn Van Dyke

Shawn Van Dyke is a business coach and consultant to the construction industry. He travels the county speaking, and he even has authored a book, Profit First for Contractors, available on Amazon.

This episode covers attracting talent. We’re doing two more episodes with Shawn, one on getting paid for your pre-construction work, and the other, an episode on bad advice and other timely musings such as thoughts about the economy.

You can find Shawn and his menu of offerings at, and also on social media, @shawnvandyke.

Show Notes:

[1:25] – Where should we be looking to find our next hire?
[2:50] – The cost of a bad hire.
[6:20] – The percentage of people who actually hate their jobs and what to do about it.
[7:00] – Why you need to always be cultivating a pool of hire candidates.
[9:40] – Why ‘we’re hiring’ isn’t the right message.
[12:10] – What terms are builders having to offer to attract the right people?
[15:30] – What are the best systems to retain employees?
[20:30] – Why are employees typically disengaged?
[23:40] – Where to find more of Shawn.