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#30: Raising Money Through Syndications and Funds with Joel Block

Joel Block is a long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager who is one of the foremost authorities on creating real estate funds and syndications. Joel joins us to talk about creating syndications and funds for home builders.

Be sure to check out Joel’s website, He’s got some great videos on there as well as other helpful services. Also, be sure to check out Joel’s podcast, Profit from the Inside™, where he discusses strategies to give your business the inside track. And as always, enjoy the episode.


Show Notes

[1:20] – How can we determine the capital available to us at any given time to know which projects to pursue?

[4:10] – Are a lot of builders going the fund route?

[6:20] – Where do we find new investors leads?

[9:45] – What exactly are investors buying when they buy shares in a fund?

[11:40] – What are the pieces of the puzzle needed if you go the fund route?

[14:00] – What’s needed for creating a syndication?

[19:20] – What’s the ideal structure for a home building deal?

[23:40] – Finding co-guarantors for your deals.

[26:00] – A conceptual way to create fair fee structures.

[29:25] – Joel’s advice on keeping in touch with current investors.

[31:00] – What Joel sees go wrong the most…

[34:30] – Where to find Joel online.