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#29: Tiny Home Builder, Bob Clarizio

This conversation with tiny home builder, Bob Clarizio, ranges from hilarious to enlightening. Bob, of Bantam Built Homes, takes us on his journey into the tiny home business and shares some of his hardest lessons and greatest achievements. If you missed Bob’s first interview with us, check it out:

Show Notes:

[1:40] – Bob’s journey into tiny homes.

[7:40] – Bob’s early struggles in his transition.

[13:30] – The seasonality of tiny homes.

[15:45] – The making his three business-saving sales.

[26:00] – Bob’s wild trip out east.

[29:00] – Shipping tiny homes to Switzerland off YouTube.

[32:50] – Bob’s current business focus.

[34:30] – The constraints facing the tiny home industry.