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#28: Managing Margins and Aligning Your Team with Vicki Suiter

We’re talking to Vicki Suiter, President and CEO of Suiter Business Builders about everything from interviewing and hiring best practices to managing margins in a difficult industry. Vicki is a speaker, consultant, and coach with more than 28 years helping contractors succeed in their businesses. She’s also an author. Her most recent book is The Profit Bleed: How Managing Margin Can Save Your Contracting Business.

Vicki’s special offer here.

Show Notes:

[1:25] – The biggest mistakes in hiring.

[5:35] – Red flags in an interview.

[7:15] – Position agreements vs job descriptions.

[8:35] – Better bonus structures.

[10:45] – The importance of finding people with passion.

[13:55] – How to create meaning for everyone in the company.

[17:05] – Autonomy vs abdication.

[18:35] – Vicki’s master class: How to Get Your Team to Take More Ownership.

[19:55] – A conversation on protecting margins.

[25:15] – The most important variable in protecting margins.

[27:55] – Where do builders miss the mark.

[30:05] – Construction accounting software preferences.

[31:50] – Setting up systems for for feedback and consistency.

[35:15] – Vicki’s offer to all our listeners!