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#27: The Healthy Home Movement with Caroline Blazovsky

Healthy homes are by no means a new concept, but as of recent they have entered more of the mainstream conversation as the “green” movement has evolved. In this episode, we are visiting with Caroline Blazovsky, a national expert on healthy homes, to learn more about what’s going on and the market opportunities for builders who want to capitalize on the trend.

Caroline is the President and Founder of My Healthy Home. She has over 17 years in the space as a public educator, media personality, and consultant. Her clients span both the U.S. and internationally.

Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

[3:07] – What’s missing in new home construction?

[5:42] – Where to start educating yourself on solutions.

[7:55] – Easy solutions you can implement right now.

[15:35] – The drivers behind the healthy home movement.

[22:00] – How marketable are healthy homes, really?

[31:43] – The inflection point.