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#22: Ace Your Prospect Calls with Kyle Hunt

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Kyle Hunt shares a few pointers on how to make the “best” first impression we possibly can during that initial call with a potential client.

Kyle is the owner of Remodel Your Marketing, a business coach focused on remodelers. For 10 years he’s helped his clients improve their sales process, implement proven marketing strategies, and take control of their operations. Kyle has spoken at the International Builders Show, and also has a podcast for remodelers called Remodelers on the Rise.

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Show Notes:

[1:30] – The importance of the initial call.
[3:50] – Aim for this outcome from the call.
[6:25] – The best way to prep for the call.
[13:15] – The 5 P’s.
[13:50] – Most important questions to ask.
[20:40] – The steps you should be taking AFTER the call.
[23:00] – The best lead sources.
[27:40] – Where to find more of Kyle.