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#21: Forging Stronger Subcontractor Relationships with David Gerstel

If you thought we were going to let David Gerstel off the hook with a paltry two-episode series, well think again. He’s back with some tips to improve our relationships with our subcontractors (affectionately called trade partners). These are tips he’s developed over his decades of experience in the construction business. For those of you ne’er-do-wells who haven’t listened to Episode 19 or 20 with David, he is a best-selling author of several construction books, including his most recent, Nail Your Numbers: A Path to Skilled Construction Estimating and Bidding. In addition to being an expert on many things “home building,” David is also a model of success, having achieved financial freedom with his own construction business by the age of 34.

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Show Notes

[1:10] – Why you need “Included/Not Included” form to save you miscommunications with subcontractors.
[6:30] – Is there a magic bullet to ensure quality control with subcontractors?
[11:10] – Why you should approach competitive bidding differently from jobs with pre-construction agreements.
[16:20] – The optimal pay cycle and the importance of a strong capital reserve.
[20:30] – David on competitive bidding and another strategy he’s seen that works.