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#24: Building More Affordably with Fernando Pagés

Fernando Pagés Ruiz is a builder, developer, and author of the popular book, Building an Affordable House. He has a deep knowledge of how to save money on your homes, including how to mine the code for savings and how to go beyond the plans to cut costs. Fernando has operations in Colorado, Nebraska, and internationally in Ecuador. You can see his work at and read more about his expertise with affordable homes at

 Show Notes: 

[2:00] – Fernando’s background and evolution in his career.
[12:35] – The roots of Fernando’s affordable building model.
[18:45] – How Fernando took the savings beyond the blueprints.
[32:45] – The little-known savings Fernando found in his building code studies.
[40:30] – More savings beyond the blueprints.
[48:40] – New innovations Fernando is excited about.
[54:50] – Fernando’s building projects on the coast of Ecuador.

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