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#18: How to Raise Money for Your Projects (Part 3) – Behind the Scenes

This is the third episode in a mini-series exploring how to raise money for your projects. In this episode, we explore the logistics and other considerations of how to raise the money and structure your deals. Enjoy the episode! And one more thing…follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and ideas to take your construction business to the next level!
Show Notes:
[1:48] – The number one priority: Talk to a securities attorney!
[3:20] – Talking to accredited investors and building an investment platform.
[4:40] – Types of entities in which to raise money.
[5:40] – The pros and cons of single-asset entities.
[8:55] – Raising money at the operational level.
[10:40] – Raising money with promissory notes.
[13:50] – Considerations if you are raising equity-only for your project.