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#17: Using Security Cameras for Better Project Management

It’s time to enter the wonderful, magical world of…security cameras. Our guest, Nate Carty, explains a simple, affordable system to help with theft deterrence, subcontractor management, client communication, and more.

Nate and his brother Chris are the founders of Carty Custom Builders, an Austin-based residential home home builder. Nate is a CFA Charterholder and a graduate of the University of Texas. He’s also a smart dude and a tech whiz, as you will see in the interview.

Show Notes:
[2:32] – Deterring theft with security cameras.
[3:34] – Visibility and signage with the cameras.
[4:00] – The unforeseen benefits of using security cameras (hint: more than just theft deterrence).
[6:01] – The nuances of allowing clients access to security cameras.
[8:32] – How many cameras should you use and where do you place them?
[9:21] – Specifics of the cameras.
[10:21] – Nate’s setup for his security camera system.
[16:15] – The all-in cost for Nate’s system.
[17:52] – A few things to consider before getting started.
[20:21] – Getting in touch with Nate.

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