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#16: How to Raise Money for Your Projects (Part 2) – Tips to Raise Money and Structure Deals

This is the second episode in a mini-series exploring how to raise money for your projects. In this episode, Jared offers tips on how to raise money and structure your deals.

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Show Notes:

1:00 – Our pro-forma template giveaway (How to leave an iTunes review).
[2:00] – The two ways to finance a project.
[5:33] – A common debt/equity split.
[7:40] – The need to budget all project expenses into the project capitalization.
[8:30] – Sources for raising equity.
[12:20] – A simple way to raise money from your personal network.
[16:10] – Working with a single investor vs multiple.
[16:55] – The different ways to structure your deals with your equity partners.
[24:30] – Basing your deal terms off your investor’s required rate of return.
[27:10] – Strategies if you are struggling to raise loans/debt.
[30:45] – Strategies if you are struggling to raise equity.