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#15: Peter Yost Returns – Upgrading Your Assemblies, Benefits of 2×6 on 24, and the Best WRB’s

Peter Yost, one of our most popular interviews to date, returns for a short episode on more great high performance construction tips! Peter is a building science expert and VP of Technical Services with

To check out Peter’s popular first interview with us, visit here.

Peter will be hosting a live webinar on 7/31 over high performance building assemblies. To learn more, visit their webinar registration page.

Enjoy the interview!

Show Notes:

[1:40] – The best way to upgrade your building assemblies.
[6:30] – Importance of installing back dams.
[8:00] – Peter’s take on 2×6 on 24 framing.
[11:00] – Peter’s preferred weather resistive barriers.
14:30 – Upcoming webinar on high performance assemblies.