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#05: Peter Yost, Tips for High Performance Builds

Peter Yost is the Vice President of Technical Services with Building Green, Inc., one of the preeminent voices and thought leaders in the high performance home space. Amongst his lengthy resume, Peter is also a lecturer at Yale University and was recently awarded NAHB’s Green Educator of the Year.

As you will see from the interview, he knows a thing or two about energy efficiency, sustainability, and high performance homes. We hit on some of the biggest myths that still pervade the industry, some of Peter’s top recommendations for builders and remodelers, and much more.

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Show Notes:
[3:05] – About Building Green and Peter’s role.
[3:40] – Peter’s top three innovative building products from the 2017 Top 10 Products
[10:10] – Peter’s top three biggest myths that builders still believe.
[15:00] – Top three value propositions that builders can implement.
[22:10] – What’s in store in the future for building performance.

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Peter Yost and Building Green Online:

Twitter: @bglive
Facebook: @bgsocial / BuildingGreen, Inc.
LinkedIn: @BuildingGreen, Inc. and @Peter Yost