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#04: Tom Woodcock, Seal the Deal

Tom Woodcock is the Founder and President of Seal the Deal. Tom is an author and nationally known branding, marketing, and selling expert. He is one of the most dynamic sales trainers and consultants in the country. He routinely speaks to thousands of contractors and suppliers concerning the sales skills necessary to compete in this intensely challenging construction industry. His latest book, “You’re Not Sellin, They’re Buyin‘” is comprehensive in developing the proper sales skills, persona, and methodology to rise above the competition.

In this interview we dive into some of Tom’s top advice for builders to win more contracts, differentiate yourself, and much more. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

[1:30] – Avoiding the low bid game. “You’re not buying a price. You’re buying the service, the workmanship, craftsmanship, experience.”
[2:30] – Differentiating yourself so that a customer will actually pay more to use you. “If we had an anniversary dinner with our significant other and we were buying by price, we’d always take them to McDonald’s for their anniversary.”
[3:20] – Taking inventory of what you bring to the table and determining how to sell it up front.
[4:40] – Tom’s client test questions.
[7:46] – “What does it say about the value you feel you or your company brings to the table when you’re ready to discount fairly quickly into the process? If you’re not believing your own value, well you can’t expect the customer to believe that value.”
[8:30] – Selling your value rather than discounting.
[10:50] – Your points of separation..finding 2-3 points that TRULY make you different, that truly get you separation.
[13:10] – “Price is not enough. There’s room for ONE low cost provider in every market.”
[15:38] – Being better vs different and the need for perceived value.
[17:30] – The importance of truly identifying WHO is your customer.
[19:40] – “If you don’t sell, you don’t get projects. None of the other stuff matters.”
[20:30] – “[The best marketing strategy] is the one you will actually do.” The role of consistency in marketing.
[21:30] – The benefit of a monthly newsletter for your customer base.
[22:20] – Networking is replacing cold-calling.
[23:10] – “Spending, spending, spending without a purpose is the wrong thing to do.”
[24:10] – How networking differentiates you. “You don’t have to be a Type A person with tremendous people skills to be successful in selling. But you have to have an approach and be consistent in that approach.”
[28:00] – Raising your close rate 10% to 15% immediately…the face-to-face approach.
[29:40] – “Engage with the customer on the delivery of your pricing. It’s much harder to tell you to your face that I’m not going to use you.”

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