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#03: John Leggett, Texas Custom Builder of the Year

John Leggett is the Founder and CEO of On Point Custom Homes in Houston, Texas. On Point won 2017 Texas Custom Builder of the Year and Houston Builder of the Year. John is regarded as a thought leader in the industry and was a panelist at the 2018 International Builders Show.

They are doing something right over there at On Point, so we decided to dig in and hear a little more. As you will see, John and his team have an innovative approach to running their business. We touch on everything from client relations to construction software to hiring and much more.

You can find On Point Custom Homes at and also on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.
Show Notes:
[1:45] – John’s foray into home building.
[3:51] – Best business advice John has received: “You gotta be easy to work with.”
[5:10] – John’s advice on builder software systems.
[6:10] – Cloud-based resources…Docusign/Dropbox.
[6:52] – Google Drive vs Dropbox.
[7:25] – Field equipment for superintendents.
[7:35] – “Where we loose on customs is on selections.”
[8:38] – “How do we differentiate ourselves? Our ideas with process and speed.”
[9:35] – Differentiators = team, process, and innovative design and trends.
11:03 – Today’s world = shorter lifecycle of design trends.
[11:30] – Why you should be texting your clients.
[12:08] – Importance of culture in hiring.
[13:10] – Pre-hire dinner with the spouse.
[14:10] – The benefits of utilizing Revit for 3D. “If you’re not making the move to 3D now, you’re gonna be behind.”
[16:75] – Benefit of Revit for budgeting.
[18:23] – Biggest areas were builders are screwing up.
[19:31] – “You have to constantly look to innovate in this business.”
[20:32] – Understanding the financial side of the business.
[21:57] – Spending time on your specifications.
[22:40] – John’s top 3 recommendations for builder to see payoffs: (1) social media reviews anduser generated content…why more good reviews are better than fewer stellar reviews. (2) Embrace technology, don’t fight it. (3) Work on corporate culture from the get go. “Pay less for land and more for people.”
25:50 – John’s preferred review platforms.
[26:50] – John’s construction horror stories.
[32:15] – On Point’s plans for 2018.
Show Links: (On Point website)
Facebook, InstagramHouzz (On Point social media)