#36: Talking Bad Advice and the Economy with Shawn Van Dyke

Welcome to a mini-episode, the final of three with business coach and construction consultant, Shawn Van Dyke. Shawn is a national speaker and author of Profit First for Contractors, available on Amazon.

We covered ‘Attracting Talent’ and ‘Getting Paid for Pre-Con’ in our first two episodes. This time, we cover a few random topics from common bad advice he hears to preparing for the next recession.

You can find Shawn and his menu of offerings at shawnvandyke.com, and also on social media, @shawnvandyke.


Show Notes:

1:00 – The worst advice Shawn hears.

3:25 – What Shawn preaches that he doesn’t hear anyone else preaching.

6:40 – Shawn’s advice for weathering a downturn.