#14: How to Raise Money for Your Projects (Part 1) – Dangers, Dead-Ends, and Pitfalls

This is the first episode (19 minutes) in a mini-series exploring how to raise money for your projects. In this heavily opinionated, rant-laden (yet valuable) episode, Jared explores a few dangers, dead-ends, and pitfalls to avoid when raising money. Enjoy the episode! And one more thing…follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and ideas to improve your business!

Show Notes:

3:00 – The need to have your policies and procedures written down.
4:30 – Protecting yourself by getting info from customers for invoicing, checking credit and references.
8:50 – Incorporating Accounts Receivable reports are circulated during staff meetings.
11:20 – Fraud risk is highest in the area of accepting payments.
12:30 – Fraud is often driven as much or more by opportunity than motive.
13:10 – The need to monitor bank reconciliations.