#07: Scott Stroud, Key Drivers for Your Business

Scott Stroud is a founding partner of Cash Flow Engineering, a company that helps home builders and business owners create process to simplify business management and optimize cash flow. He is also a nationally-known speaker and the co-author of three books, including Managing Your Business with 7 Key Numbers, which is among the top selling home building books.

Show Notes:
1:40 – The 7 key numbers every builder should review.
4:50 – The frequency you should be reviewing your numbers.
6:20 – Scott’s cash flow dashboard.
7:20 – The most difficult metrics to control and what to do about it.
9:00 – Why you should first establish a profit goal and then put in the processes to support it.
10:10 – Managing change orders.
11:00 – Finding the optimal pricing for your homes.
12:00 – Establishing the value of our offering.
13:40 – Why the best value propositions have nothing to do with quality.
15:10 – On knowing your customer’s value system.
15:35 – How to craft an amazing story to tell your clients.
18:00 – Why you should be using video in your marketing.
19:50 – How to reduce your costs without sacrificing quality
22:35 – Three drivers for your business you should be watching.
24:10 – The importance of speed and efficiency.
25:00 – Thoughts on leverage.
29:30 – On customer deposits.
32:00 – Valuing your time.

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