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#06: Ed Earl, Secrets to Happy Clients

Meet Ed Earl, the Zen Builder. Ed is consistently one of the top presenters at the International Builders Show, where he typically discusses his methods for building happy clients and making the construction process go much smoother for everyone. He’s developed a term called “collaborative construction,” which is based on open communication, trust and shared objectives…

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#04: Tom Woodcock, Seal the Deal

Tom Woodcock is the Founder and President of Seal the Deal. Tom is an author and nationally known branding, marketing, and selling expert. He is one of the most dynamic sales trainers and consultants in the country. He routinely speaks to thousands of contractors and suppliers concerning the sales skills necessary to compete in this…

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#01: Introduction

Building Optimal Radio is a podcast for custom builders and remodelers. The lessons and strategies you will learn from our interviews with leading industry experts and top performers will give you all the tools you need to grow your revenue, improve your bottom line, and build your brand. The show is hosted by Jared Gossett. Jared…

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