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#33: Happy Client Hack: No Soup For You

It’s an admittedly idiotic name for the episode that we couldn’t resist, in honor of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, an appropriate flag bearer for this final episode on happy client hacks. This is a reading of our recent article published in our Building Optimal Journal. You can read it HERE.

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Happy Client Hack: No Soup For You

In a sense, there are two parts to a scope of work. There’s the first part, which are the things in the contract that are being INCLUDED (a list and description of the work that’s being performed, how it is being performed, etc). This is the part we naturally think about when it’s time to…

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Happy Client Hack: Zero Cost Change Orders

Spoiler alert: You shouldn’t be offering change orders for free, at least not as a standard practice. We’re professionals, and we need to get compensated for our expertise. It’s the foundation of business. But, and there always has to be a ‘but’, sometimes you need to make a change or deviation from the plans or…

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