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#13: Short Episode, Nathan Owen on Subcontractor Back Office Best Practices and Preventing Billing Fraud

Nathan Owen, CPA, is an expert is accounting for contractors. In this episode he discusses best practices for subcontractors’ back offices as well as preventing fraud amongst your employees. Nathan’s company, Vine Financial Partners, provides full scope accounting solutions. Enjoy the episode! And one more thing…follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and ideas…

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#11: Paul Sanneman on Getting Business from Architects

Paul Sanneman is a consultant to builders and remodelers through his firm, Dream Business Coaching. He has coached hundreds of businesses over his more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Along the way, he has developed has some strong, and undoubtedly well-earned, opinions as to how you should be marketing. And it centers…

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#09: Karine Woodman, Bookkeeping Best Practices

Karine Woodman is the Founder of 24 Hour Bookkeeper, a company with expertise in construction accounting and systems integration. Karine has spoken extensively on construction bookkeeping topics, and is one of the best minds in the industry. She has built an award-winning team that strives to help businesses create efficient systems and simplified workflows using QuickBooks…

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