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We are a podcast specifically for custom builders and remodelers. Our shows offer tips, tricks, and strategies from some of the most recognized builders, authors, speakers, and innovative minds in the business, giving you all the tools you need to grow your revenue, improve your bottom line, and build your brand.


Latest Episodes

#13: Short Episode, Nathan Owen on Subcontractor Back Office Best Practices and Preventing Billing Fraud

Nathan Owen, CPA, is an expert is accounting for contractors. In this episode he discusses best practices for subcontractors’ back offices as well as preventing fraud amongst your employees. Nathan’s company, Vine Financial Partners, provides full scope accounting solutions. Enjoy the episode! And one more thing…follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and ideas…

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#12: James Rudnicki, Attorney to Builders on Contracts, Warranties, and Lien Waivers

James Rudnicki is a Texas attorney specializing in home building. He actually *wrote* the contracts for the Texas Association of Builders. Bottom line…he knows his stuff, probably as well as anyone. And when it comes to risk management, we can always learn a little more. Enjoy this conversation as we explore contracts, warranty liability, and…

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